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The staff and appointment process were flawless. Dr. Richard was thorough and courteous. I very much appreciated his approach.

Jennifer K.

Dr. S. Richard Hollingsworth is a super doctor and very helpful in my recovery. I would recommend and have recommended him many times.

Tasha P.

Dr. Hollingsworth is wonderful. His office is very well run, appointments are offered in a reasonable time frame. The staff is very helpful and accommodating and he offers exceptional care!

Akash M.


He was the first doctor that listened and understood my foot pain. He was thorough and had a plan for treatment that others did not offer. Wish I had seen him first.

Netta F.

Thank you doctor, to not only you but your most pleasant staff. I would recommend Dr. Holingsworth to everyone with foot issues!

Gwen C.

All I can say is that I wish I had done this three years ago. Thank you Dr. Hollingsworth and your staff.

Dave P.

Dr. Hollingsworth is really knowledgable and friendly and I am looking forward to going ahead with his recommended treatment.

Mia V.

Did You Know?

"Most types of foot pain can be prevented. It is important to have a qualified Podiatric Physician ensure your feet are the healthiest they can be."

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